Saturday, October 15, 2005

traditional first post...

camera tossing mosaic, originally uploaded by clickykbd.

Welcome to the shiny new blog for the flickr community called Camera Toss.

Here we will be highlighting our favorite photographers of this form, and their work. What is camera tossing exactly you ask? Check out the group description and forums for more information.

This traditional first posting is a photo mosaic of camera tosses taken by clickykbd (myself) over the course of one evening hunting for neon in Austin, Texas.

Enjoy the imagery!

clickykbd (Ryan Gallagher)
Administrator and creator of Camera Toss on flickr


Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

I think this will be a pretty sight to see for a blog. The visuals would be something to look forward to. Keep us posted.

clickykbd said...

It's already happening. Perhaps you found this page by itself, click the blog title to return to the main page.

Jim said...

these photo's (and those on your mainpage) are truely great