Saturday, October 15, 2005

reviewed: Canon PowerShot A80

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Canon PowerShot A80 by Rich Seymour
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Canon A80
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Pretty kick butt solid camera. I and others have dropped it on grass and floors during tossing experiments. Only once did it lose a photo do to a strange power issue. I have gotten really good swirly center focused shots with it (ie my current icon of me). I prefer mainly axial spinning and that is what it does well.

The camera has a pretty good manual mode which I occasionally play with and you can set the exposure up to fifteen seconds. (good for those dropping it from a biplane shots... anyone up for it?)

I should probably downgrade to something a bit more expendable, since I really really like this camera. That said, it can take some knocks if you aren't to handy with the whole catching thing. In fact that was the only reason I risked it in the first place. A friend of mine said he dropped his canon while rock climbing and after a 5 foot fall it still worked fine.

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