Friday, October 28, 2005

reviewed: Olympus Stylus 410 Digital

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I use the Olympus Stylus 410.

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Not the most up-to-date Olympus Stylus model - that one is the 800 I believe... but anyways here's my review. :)

General Impression

A great little digital point-n-shoot, with lots of features, a compact size, durability, 4mp with 3x optical (4x dig.) zoom and 10 different shooting modes (along with other options for different conditions.)

For Camera-Tossing it works because:

1) Very compact. Small size and lightweight, so it can fit in anyone's hand and is easy to toss as high as you want. Plus, you can get a great spin going on it, too. Really easy to catch due to it's size, shape, and weight. Plus, it fits in your pocket or purse, so it's extremely portable - you can take it and toss it anywhere! ;)

2) Durable construction. I've dropped it a couple times and it's still going strong. Although there are a couple cons with the body, which I'll address.

3) Lens is towards the left side... so when it spins, you get great blurs.

4) Night exposure setting. Using this (along with turning the flash off) really enhances the chance you'll come up with a great toss result. Depending on the available light, the shutter stays open up to 4 seconds. That can result in having to toss it up a few times during one exposure - but it does look pretty cool when you're done. Just be sure you don't have alot of ambient light when you're tossing it in this mode or you'll end up with just whiteness (in that scenario, you can just use one of the other settings, and keep the flash off - although it still may take a few tosses to get the right shot.)

5) Inexpensive as far as digital cams go (esp. now that it's somewhat "obsolete.") I got mine for $200 US (at Costco) but you should be able to find it cheaper now.

6) 1.5 inch LCD monitor. So you can see your results instantly on a nice size screen, and make adjustments as you deem necessary.

7) Weather-proof construction. Since it's "splash-proof" you can take it out in inclement weather, and still get some good shots - which works great for me, living in the Pacific Northwest ... where we have plenty of precipitation. ;)

It could use improvements in the following areas:

1) Battery door. It's on the bottom of the cam, and slides open really easily. The battery is spring-loaded, so I've had it pop open and the battery pop out a couple times inadvertently, when I've caught the camera on it's way down.

2) Sliding lens-cover. Usually I like this feature - but it kinda sucks for camera-tossing. If you move the cover over a little, the lens retracts - gets really annoying when it happens over and over when you're catching the camera. And if you somehow push it over too hard, you could damage the camera.


I really love my camera. On the whole, it's a great fun portable little camera, easy to toss, spin, and catch, and I've been really pleased with my results. Plus, it's great for all kinds of other photos too. :)

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liang said...

hey, i just happened on your blog, i have the same camera too and never thought about tossing it. Great idea. love the photos. although I dropped it once and the lcd broke. It costs quite a lot to fix too.

_kp said...

You could always bring a bit o drafting tape or something simular along to tape the batt door closed and sliding cover open while tossing.
These pictures are really rad.. kind of makes me want to throw around my Fuji F440 :]

Anonymous said...

I tossed mine too, Right in the Trash...

We've had this camera for nearly a year (still under warranty) when the flash simply stopped functioning (apparently a common problem on this camera according to the Olympus technician). One problem: we couldn't locate the receipt for the camera. After calling Olympus Customer Service multiple times including speaking to their management, they were consistently arrogant and would not consider fixing the camera under warranty.

So, we sent it to them to be repaired for a fee. After having the camera for TWO MONTHS, Olympus quoted a price of nearly the original cost of the camera. Now, that's real customer service.

Olympus will never, never get my business again. I'm sticking with the Canon digital cameras for now on. They are first rate when it comes to quality; meaning I more than likely will never need to rate their Customer Service.

The Olympus Stylus 410? After one year of use; SIMPLY WORTHLESS.

Anonymous said...

The camera is great when it works. The sliding lens cover has a small pressure sensor that tells teh lens when to extend and when to retract. If the lens sliding cover gets a little loose, then the lens will not come out unless you constantly push down on the cover. Not good for taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

do not buy this camera, it stops working after a year

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in this camera and Olympus. I had to replace the barrier lens slider because the screws kept coming loose. Now the flash doesn't work. I hate wasting money, but now I am tossing this Olympus Stylus 410 in the trash and buying something else- but certainly not an Olympus product. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

The flash stopped working on mine soon after I purchased it. Company refuses to repair it. Posts all ver the net about similar problem. I will not buy any Olympus product

nintendo dsi r4 said...

I've had my camera a bit over a year now, and I have come to know its good points and idiosyncrasies as well. I chose it because of the 4 megapixel quality and my prior use of its film cousin. I rate it four stars because it isn't a professional level camera- though it is very good for casual shooting and "memory" photos.