Wednesday, October 19, 2005

crescendo in the hue of blue, a series

crescendo in the hue of blue #45
Originally uploaded by clickykbd.

My (clickykbd) latest effort. A 67 image abstract series of a musical theme. Intended to be viewed as a slideshow with 2 second interval. Approximate viewing time: 3 minutes. All images are unedited, as they came out of the camera. I didn't even rotate any of these for reasons of the slideshow uniformity.

Uploaded by clickykbd (67 photos total)

Not realizing it, _Nod and I both did extensive camera dropping experimentation at the same time, for this photoset was primarily taken without catching the camera too!

Desktop background seekers have at it, there are 1600x1200 images available for download. Just mind the Creative Commons licensing!


SweetKali said...

how do you toss your camera without dropping it...these digital beauties cost a pretty penny.

crossing borders said...

great light work! I just saw your new listing on photoblog, I also just listed with this month am doing my first photblog on blogger...I don't know how you did the photos in thumbnails and stuff. I am not good at html.

interesting photos...

Anonymous said...

Yup, it captivates an emerging energy of neon transluction of unknown.