Saturday, October 15, 2005

Donate to Camera Toss

If you've enjoyed our blog, perhaps you can contribute something that will help the community take this to the next level. I'm not really expecting donations, but it would be silly not to put the request out there. If you think you have something we might be able to use please email me at cameratoss[at]gmail[dot]com (replace the bits in brackets).

Things we could possibly use and why...
2nd & 3rd generation digital cameras
Have an old digital you don't use that still works? Consider donating it to be utilized by the public during possible performance art or kinetic photography happenings. I have an idea for one to take place this month, but would need 5-10 cameras to get things rolling.

Also, several community members have broken cameras already, it would be nice if I had the capacity to get them shooting again by sending them a donated piece of gear. The earnings from the AdSense account (camera insurance fund) is currently not keeping up with demand.

older manual/legacy film cameras
Because of risk to the equipment, very few people are using modern high resolution digital cameras, but the desire to get high quality (print worthy) results is still there. If you've got some dusty piece of photographic equipment hiding in your closet, consider sending it us. Personally it is a goal of mine to be working with film for these experiments in 2006.

free web hosting
I have some related projects that might benefit from web hosting other than flickr and blogger.

high end photography gear
I'm mostly being silly, but if any independently wealthy philantropic individual wants to contribute to this "starving artist" by equipping me with something like a Canon EOS 5D or digitally-backed Hasselblad H2... I certainly won't complain! Perhaps you have a morbid enough sense of humor and would take full masochistic pleasure in knowing that I just might be crazy enough to throw it into the air, among other bizarre activities.

me myself and i
If you appreciate my efforts, and wish to fund me directly, that is an offer I can't refuse... visit my blog find the paypal donations box in the sidebar.

Just putting it out there, thanks for having a laugh, or perhaps considering it seriously. Again, send material donation inquiries to cameratoss[at]gmail[dot]com.