Saturday, October 15, 2005

reviewed: Canon EOS D30

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Canon EOS D30 by MarkAndMarina
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Canon EOS D30:

Big, heavy, expensive (in relation to other models, especially p&s ones!)

I was very wary to start with, and had the strap held loosely in one hand initially in case I missed the catch (it was also over the bed, with every single cushion, pillow and beanbag piled on there too!)

It's pretty difficult to catch easily - although there's lots to hold onto - as you end up smudging your fingers over the lens.

I also found that the shutter delay would be slightly too long for the toss (manually set based on a perceived judgement of how long it would be airborne - tricky, and requiring lots of experimentation!)... I ended up with a few pictures of streaky lights with a blurry image of me superimposed! ;-)

Regarding lenses, I used a Canon f/1.8 50mm with a UV filter to protect the glass - I'd love to try it with one of my longer (or wider) lenses - a 28-300, or a 17-35 - but I fear that although these would give extra weight (and a different centre of rotation), they'd also make the camera *much* harder to catch...

I still haven't plucked up the courage to toss one off outdoors yet, either...
(smirk) :-)

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