Saturday, October 15, 2005

reviewed: Canon SD20

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Canon SD20 by eastofnorth
also known as:
Canon IXY Digital L2
Canon Digital IXUS i5

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Canon SD20 / Canon Digital Ixus i5

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5 MP 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP 5 MP.

Translation: You can throw this sucker up the wazoo, whip it into extremely tight spins, and bounce it off the tenderest of hardwood floors. Truth to be told, I think Canon secretly made this camera to cater to the dubiously-reflexed drunken party crowd that can't resist incriminating photography. I have yet to test that. ...Officially. ;)

No Zoom. No Zoom. No Zoom. No Zoom.
Off Center. Off Center. Off Center.

Translation: If you want to get closer, you will literally have to get closer. And, there's only so close you can get to the Neon Lights on the local bar, your neighbors christmas tree, or the tv show your mom is watching before people start grumbling and your SD20 starts bouncing off said objects. This bounce is enhanced when the spin you put on it sends it careening in the distance, like a planet that just lost its orbit. In order to get truly centralized tight spins, you need to use two hands and focus on a the lens. It will always be imperfect.

General Comments:
Everything else is customizable and great for fine-tuning your cameratoss shots: shutter, exposure, white balance. And just think -- next time you are at a party, you can show off by tossing your drunken camera in the air!

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