Sunday, October 16, 2005

the gods must be crazy...

Originally uploaded by Dimrill.

How do you know you've started an insane photography meme. When people are doing it at church first thing on sunday morning! I was just about to pass out from sleep deprivation when this image appeared in the photo pool.


Darren said...

I think this stuff is waaaay cool. Can you point me to more information on technique? For example, what ISO are you setting the camera to. Are you letting the camera select a long shutter speed automatically, or are you manually setting a long shutter speed? What are the toss techniques and what are the various kinds of compositions that they create?

I need to find an old (read: CHEAP) digicam to try this with. Are there any particular features that one should look for in choosing an older camera - like maximum shutter speed, etc.?

I've got a million questions, but I'll stop now.
: )

clickykbd said...


The best resource currently, is the group for camera tossing that I started on flickr.

The recent attention has prompted me to write more about the technique which hopefully I'll have time to do shortly. Stay tuned.


Scott said...

Wow...Somehow my website attracted an actual Cameratoss person from Flickr!

I'm really glad you left a comment on my site, cause now I'll be visiting yours a lot more often for all the great images :)

If you have some time, let me know how you found me though! I'm curious, cause at the moment I'm not too high(maybe result 30 or so) in Google's results for Cameratoss.

And in closing, great photos!