Friday, October 28, 2005

SF Exploratorium Tosses, Corgi_T

cameratoss 1
Originally uploaded by Corgi_T.

These appeared in the camera toss pool today, too good to wait until the next issue of my pool picks.

Photos credit to Corgi_T

Attention all San Francisco tossers, you apparently have a wonderful subject for tossing at the Exploratorium exhibit with the moving neon tubes. And where could be better to explore the effects of randomized light on your film/sensor! Perhaps one day we'll have cameras on bungees suspended from the exploratorium roof and a projection screen for viewing the results! (Well we can dream anyway.)

Here is what corgi_t said about the exhibit:
There are red and blue tubes, many of each. You turn dials on the panel to adjust the sequence in which they light, speed, and how many are lit at one time. I got the best results with the fewest tubes lit, so that I could use a longer exposure. Fun!

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