Tuesday, October 18, 2005

clickykbd's picks - issue 1

Among the recent pool additions, these ones really captured my attention. A couple may not stay in the pool (for they may not meet the rigid requirements), but in the spirit of tossing, these are all immaculate! Congratulations all, all new members and new to camera tossing!

Note: images 5 and 6 later admitted to not actually be tosses, but 5 was inspired by tossing, and 6 is just a lovely paint with light photo.

Credits left to right, top to bottom: Steve Crane, ArtistMelissa, mabend, tomii_boy, variable resistance, variable resistance, Rich Seymour.

Hearing the backstory and what the subjects were when viewing these is always nice. New members, try to explain your technique in your description so that I can more easily admin the pool. Thanks.

Ryan Gallagher

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