Saturday, October 15, 2005

reviewed: Logitech Pocket Digital

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Logitech Pocket Digital by Mr. Demille
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Logitech Pocket Digital

I couldn't find any mention of this lo-res cam on dpreview. The best description I could come up with is here on cnet .

II think the Logitech Pocket Digital is a good tossing camera for several reasons:

1) It was cheap, around $20 USD on ebay, so I can afford to replace it if I destroy it.

2) I felt confident that it could survive a pretty good fall. I've been surprisingly coordinated about catching the camera so far, so I can't really verify this. In theory, however, this should be the perfect camera to drop. It seems to be pretty durable. It also seems likely to close itself upon impact. The sliding/opening mechanism is actually one of the coolest things about this camera. Finally, this camera has a tiny lens, which should be difficult to break.

3) No battery door. I read a couple of people's comments on problems they had with battery doors. Basically, dropping the camera upon re-entry would cause the battery door to pop open before the camera had saved the shot. This camera has an internal battery, so that wouldn't be a problem.

4)It will shoot in low light. Some of the cheap cameras I have won't take a picture if the lighting is insufficient. This one will.

The biggest complaint I have about tossing the Logitech Pocket Digital is that I can't control the exposure at all. I'd like to be able to set set the speed at something like 1 second or more. I have no way of measuring it, but my guess is that I'm getting something more along the lines of 1/15th of a second on most shots.

The lens on this camera is relatively centered. Don't really know if that's a pro or con. More of a subjective thing really. The result is a pretty tight "blurring radius". (don't know if people will understand what I mean by "blurring radius, but I suspect camera tossers will). A camera with the lens closer to one side or the other would increase the "blurring radius".

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