Saturday, November 19, 2005

toy cameras + toss = more fun!

Blue Spin
Originally uploaded by Embra.

A lovely combination indeed. Appearing in the pool today, contributed by Embra, is what I believe to be the first examples of "LOMOfied" camera tosses. The particular model in this case was the SuperSampler which is unique in that it exposes 4 panels in short succession onto a single frame of 35mm film.

In that same roll he also accomplished the always fun daylight self portrait toss:

Pentland Spin
Pentland Spin
Originally uploaded by Embra.

Lomos, Holgas, and Toy Cameras in general are all extremely interesting canidates for further airborne study! Plus it's nice to finally see some people enjoying film instead of digital for this technique. Personally I have my eye on the toy fisheye for tossing!


Sweetsugar said...

In love with ur Blog!!..wanna take up camera tossing

Judy Law said...

Wow... It is really good and exciting photos. I'm deeply impressed from your photos.

I wonder how to link many photos in your blog from flicker?

I really wonder.^^

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic! i've discovered someinteresting things I can do with my camera but I was too scared to toss it. You've started something new, well done! I love it!