Sunday, November 20, 2005

for the record...

Some humor, although scary humor about all this camera tossing. I never thought it would come to this but it has.

When I started all this I was taking pictures with a camera that I paid nothing for and was worth even less. But the images like this it produced inspired many others...

complexity of the simple
complexity of the simple
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For the record, NEVER did I suggest it would be a good idea to throw your several hundred dollar digital SLR, but many have...

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And in our constant quest to find objects worthy of throwing our camera "at", some of us have perhaps gone a little too far. The basic idea of camera tossing is relatively risky, but some subjects should just plain be off limits. Such as a priceless Tiffany's lamp for example...

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Yes, I've watched antique's roadshow (and find it strangely fascinating). If I had one of those I'd retire young, take lots of pictures, and live happily ever after. Last thing I'd consider doing is throwing my camera at/near it! Are we insane!? Nevermind... don't answer that. Very pretty result despite the epic tragedy potiental, someone take his camera away before he gets in trouble! ;-)

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