Tuesday, November 22, 2005

calligraphies, a series

calligraphies #77
Originally uploaded by clickykbd.

In shooting and processing this series I was inspired by comparisons that have been made of camera tossing to other mediums and techniques. Drawing from more traditional media such as calligraphy, charcoal, conte crayon, painting, drawing, and even photograms... View the whole series or slideshow.

calligraphies #80 calligraphies #79 calligraphies #78 calligraphies #74
Uploaded by clickykbd (80 images total)

I elected to de-emphasize the color and concentrate on the relationship between texture and motion (stroke). Even the subject was created to have the properties of the nib of a calligraphy pen, a linear slit of light and texture.

For those curious how I processed them:

  1. black and white conversion
  2. brightness/contrast adjust
  3. inverted to negative
  4. duotoned with primary yellow (color of original subject)
  5. pulled the bottom out of the color curves to give it the "on manilla" look


kikkokatty2433 said...

Glad to see you do update new pics on a regular basis

Anonymous said...

I like the spinning pics best.