Sunday, November 06, 2005

clickykbd's picks - issue 5

Once again, it's time to congratulate some very successful results from the camera toss pool since the last issue. The majority of these are confirmed true camera tosses, but there are a couple worthy mentioning that are still unknown, but striking results regardless.

If you are interested in submitting your own results, read this posting to find out how.

Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
Corgi_T, TaGurit(SS/NB) ><>, ganon
arthurcoddington, _Nod, copilot
pfly, Love Animals, _Nod
-gadgetgirl-, tearapen, fiveinchpixie
moostive, shesaidimbetteroffdead, take(midsblue)


kikkokatty2433 said...

These photos way too cool.

juan calabaza said...

beautyfull ones here!!!

High Power Rocketry said...

:) The green one is great, I really wonder how it was made! I know I said I was going to make one, but have not done one yet! I will!

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Anonymous said...

wow incredible job!
print those with

Twanna A. Hines | said...

Wow; the photos actually come out really really beautiful.

VERY artsy.

Anonymous said...

Looking at these pics is like listening to pink floyd.

pixelmine said...


How did you create thumbnail photos?



art'd said...

awesome blog! just what i needed...luv the pictures!

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VOIP said...
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VOIP said...

Great pictures !!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just discovered this site last night, and I think the pictures here are absolutely amazing. So naturally I had a go myself.

Feedback much appreciated

Ximena Geisse said...

Super buenas tus fotos me encantaron te felicito te invito a que entres a mi blog chaowuilni