Monday, November 14, 2005

in the red, a series

in the red #25
Originally uploaded by clickykbd.

Published another camera tossing series of my own yesterday. I've been behind on my uploads and still catching up. This set was shot several weeks ago.

in the red #28 in the red #31 in the red #32 in the red #24
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Since camera tossing is essentially a random form of photography based on chance, meanings/titles/subjects are often applied after the fact. With this set I felt the following was befitting:

An abstract series reflecting an interpretation of the average american's financial situation (mine included).

Ever deepening debt proceeding at the speed of light and the electrons that represent our intangible electronic currency. The true color of money.

If you pay close attention you can tell it was the same subject with a different light source and no post processing as this set. Since someone already guessed correctly the object photographed, it was a bloom of fiber optic fibers, illuminated with the saturated red filter on my halogen flashlight. During the series I varied the style of throw, proximity, and bunched the fibers into different clusters.


High Power Rocketry said...

Thats a great one :)

I love the one color, it isnt boring, but allows one to focus on the texture and form of the image.


Anonymous said...

i just found out about camera tossing. Looks great, but it doesn't seem easy.

anyway, i'll have to try and see for myself!

Ms. Back said...

camera you literally toss your camera to get it? just curious...they look very colorful. If I tossed a camera, I'd probably just break it.

Henrik Thomsen said...

wow!!!!! nice pictures

Anonymous said...

This looks like the lazer light show at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert I went to last night.

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. Those still wondering exactly what camera tossing is... I intend to write about it soon.

Samer said...

I really love the pics. I'll have to try myself. So how does one camera toss exactly?