Friday, November 18, 2005

camera toss + amazing circle = fun

camera toss meets amazing circle
Originally uploaded by clickykbd.

Taking some time out to play with another flickr graphical meme on the rise: Amazing Circles. I discovered it a while back because the creator of that flickr group had already used some of my camera toss images to create amazing circles. I thought it was high time I joined in the fun!

I'll be collecting my tossed and not tossed amazing circles in this photoset. The image in this post is my amazing circle of this image. To learn how to make amazing circles visit the group on flickr or read these off-flickr instructions.


!***~EMY~***! said...

this is amazing,
has adam hart-davis seen this.
ive met him @ a book sining lecture in cambridge an if u ever get a way to conact him he'd be proud oh yea and if ur a gal like me come 2

Raine Devries said...

Very interesting -- for some reason it reminds me of the images coming in from the Hubble telescope.

averystudent said...

The "amazing circle" is so awsome! Howed ya do it? Also how the heck did chop up that pic? Did ya use picsa? Sorry bout all the qustions, but thats how Im built always asking qustions!