Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Finally, some documentation!

There have been so many requests for some instructional content on how to camera toss and what is camera toss! Finally we can accommodate you!

A short beginners guide written by _nod.
_nod's tossing guide for beginners

When you are ready for some more detail and examples...
Camera Toss, Mini-HOWTO

Consider these both draft documents, direct questions and corrections to the authors respectively or just leave a comment!

Separately, a photography link of the day, unrelated to camera tossing but very very cool: Variable Focus Light Field Photography.


starbender said...

Ahhh.... Something NEW 4 us camera buffs!

Bailama Pessima said...

hey camera toss that great for a camera guy like me. by the nice blog checkout if you get time.

Leiro said...

I have a friend who does 'photograms' a much more controlled method of photography. However the effects (can be) similar. As an artist all her images are copywrite so you can't post them. However if you are interested in photography you should check out her site. [this isn't comment spam!] I love the images on this site!

Little Butterfly said...

The pictures are amazing! Definately a cool blog. I'm more of a writer though. To read some of my stories go here:

It's a fan fiction. The original series has a site:

Anonymous said...

you need to get your head out of your ass and learn that you are an ideat and then get over it.

richmanwisco said...

This blog is the best new thing I've come across in the years I have been taking pictures. The how-to's are very informative. I will be working on my own technique and hope to have my works appear here and elsewhere. In the meantime, I will start working toss photos into my blog,

Keep up the amazing work!