Sunday, November 13, 2005

clickykbd's picks - issue 6

Some of the finer camera tossing and related experiments submitted to the photo pool since issue 5 of my picks.

Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
Chad Miller, Rich Seymour, Danyo
Danyo, -gadgetgirl-, bfeil
Corgi_T, t1tanium, phrenophile
orangetribe, orangetribe, dustin3000
erk070, flickrwegian, gavinmusic
phrenophile, portfolium, _ferro_
ghedo, ghedo


Cody Travers said...

Cool photos that some awesome artwork looks alot like OSX stuff that are included in the mac desktop backgrounds. anyway loving your blog hope you like mine

UltimateWriter said...

This a pretty cool technique. Wonder if it will ever translate into a video format.

Chekkout the Blog @

Unknown said...

Actually, after doing some research after all this started, it seems there were several projects involving thrown video/film cameras. One even involved dropping one from a aircraft. It took several tries before they managed to keep the film cartridge intact.

Obviously the visual result of throwing motion picture cameras is very very different than the still images our activities produce, despite the similiar technique.

Peter H said...

very cool. i especially like the red one that looks like the barrel of a wave.

very neat. keep it up

Totally_Crazy_Clone said...

I like the photo's dude!