Friday, July 25, 2008

Shared Source Collaborations are Here!

DSC00919, originally uploaded by QuakkauQ.

This photo was created as part of a multi-photographer Camera Toss Group collaboration.

The pattern primitive image used with permission and under the terms of the Creative Commons; Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike 2.0 license.

Creative Commons License

See Shared Source Collaboration #1 and results.
See also all results of such themes.

Our first collaboration theme (#1) was posted to the group today by Jens. The image above is a result from working with a graphical source displayed on their computer monitor, we are encouraging everyone to try out this same primitive source image and share their results, hence the "shared source" of this little project.

More to come as more results are shared and new themes are posted.


Anonymous said...

light is always in motion
so all photography is kinetic, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Hi Nancy.

On some levels you could make that argument. But it feels a bit like saying that all painting is abstract. Which it's not.

There is photography that involves elements of of the kinetic, then there is photography that is about the kinetic. Two very different things in my mind.

Anonymous said...

When is theme #2 coming out?!