Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamburg Exhibition, a Portfolio

A sneak preview for the readers of this blog, some photographs exhibited as a portfolio in my upcoming exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. The 3x23 gallery has indicated a limited edition exhibition book containing these images may be produced. If you would be interested in purchasing such an item do not hesitate to add yourself to a subscription list via email: info[at]m2[dot]ag.

Portfolio Selections...

Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 09

Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 14 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 17 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 18 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 19
Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 21 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 24 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 25 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 27
Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 08 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 01 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 06 Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 30

Hamburg Exhibition (3x23 Gallery) Portfolio 15

Images Copyright © 2005 Ryan Gallagher

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Camera Toss Inspires Product Design?

I posted a link to this a while ago but figured I'd actually help them out by posting their blog/PR kit. Satugo [] is a Vienna based product design for a kinetic camera, currently seeking investors. The timing of it's appearance has alot of us at Camera Toss wondering what their inspiration was. ;-)

Bouncing ball Camera SatuGO

“Imagine combining your love for bouncing balls and your obsession for taking pictures into one, now it has a name SatuGO. Simply Throw SatuGO into the motive to catch the moment, where it hits you get a picture, or take air photos by activating the timer before throwing the SatuGO. Other than being a camera SatuGO can act as a mobile storage facility for your personal data and function as a webcam. Help us realize this product by joining the SatuGO mailing list and be one of the first to be offered a SatuGO! chances for realization increases with the amount of people joining the list.“

We are two designers Eschel Jacobsen Industrial designer and Mads Ny Larsen Interactive media designer trying to realize this brainchild, by begging people to enter the SatuGO site herby being part of the birth of this radically new gadget, and at the same time be one of the first to be offered one when it goes into production.

Sincerely yours
Considering I'll be in Vienna very soon, I'll have to look up their office and see if they have a prototype. We also wanted to stress that to really make it interesting they need to provide at least some manual controls over exposure, and facilitate longer exposures. But even with short exposures throwing a bouncy-ball camera is still chance based photography. And I for one, like the idea.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

clickykbd's picks - issue 15

This might be my last photo pool picks posting until things calm down with preparing my gallery exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. Alot of press coverage recently has brought many new members and lots of photos. The group on flickr has now exceeded 1000 members, and flickr itself hosts over 5,500 photos tagged cameratoss (although people are starting to "spam" with that tag just to increase view-counts on their photos). An annoying aspect of flickr, almost wish people couldn't see this view count metadata, and took photos because it was fun, instead of a popularity contest. But this has expanded way beyond flickr at this point, was even on international television recently. Who knows how many cameras I've personally had a hand in destroying? A scary thought, but you can call me evil, because it also makes me smile.

A quotation that definitely makes me smile...

"These people have got to get a life, I'll grant that there's a fleeting charm to these images, though they're of no great merit. Sadly, I imagine a few of them will end up on gallery walls." --- Graham Wood, Photo Editor for The London Times

Note, this quote came from the reporter's proof copy he sent me, in the printed copy the bit about "of no great merit" was excluded for some reason, without even an insertion of an ellipse. Not sure what happened there. Either way I was excited to see the first printed criticism thus far.


Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
curuthalion22, curuthalion22, flickrwegian
eastofnorth's wayward ways, Donzrly Light, Lerouge
videopirata, davidtrent, mappamundi
lehmio, In-jeannius, videopirata
mabend, TheGiantVermin, _ferro_
Vincent Pants, videopirata, lehmio
Vincent Pants, fiveinchpixie, milkfish
mappamundi, mappamundi, videopirata
mewha, flickrwegian, mabend
clarkk, Aprevit

Monday, January 16, 2006

Coverage: The London Times

Appearing in their online edition and printed magazine. A columnist reporting on coming trends recently contacted me, and his piece was printed on January 14th, 2006. Read the online edition.

It was a bit disconcerting to see my name in the printed column under a page title of "The Next Big Thing". Who'd have imagined this interpretation? For me this piece was a wonderful thing though, as it contained the first real printed criticism from someone in the photography industry, a quote from the photo editor of The London Times itself. It is quite priceless, you'll just have to read it (and I don't know what he was shown). There was still a bit of spin provided by the author, which upset some of the camera toss group members, but overall I thought it was an informative and thoughtful piece. No photos were printed as it was just an editorial, so unless someone followed the url to this blog, it is probably difficult to imagine.

Coverage: Deutsche Welle World

A television debut, throwing cameras as an intentional way to take photographs, and growing trend, according to Deutsche Welle's European culture variety program "Euromaxx". It was aired in three languages and something on the order of 96 countries. The German version can be viewed online:,2144,1735863,00.html
(click" video on demand" and scroll to about 7:20 in stream)

The camera crew and journalist tailed our relatively new member lehmio around Hamburg, Germany as he sought out interesting subjects and talked about the concept. It was obviously written as a pop culture human interest story, and in that sense it was a great piece, but admittedly both lehmio and myself were disappointed that they opted to edit out the details about where, how, who, and when of it's origins, and perhaps where it might be headed? Thus, journalistically speaking, it did leave a bit to be desired, but they say "there is no such thing as bad press". I'm afraid I've yet to fully accept this premise, though I'm working on it.

Another member grabbed this screenshot as the flickr photo pool appeared on international television...

-- from flickrwegian

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ryan Gallagher's solo Exhibition in Hamberg, Germany

01-04-2006 through 02-02-2006

Offical press release to follow eventually. But for now a quick announcement that my (Ryan Gallagher's) artwork of this form will make it's debut in an exclusive engagement with the 3x23 Modern Art Gallery & Internet Cafe in Hamburg, Germany. Limited edition signed and numbered prints will also be available through their eBay store during the month of the exhibition.

For inquiries on this topic please email...
(replace bits in brackets)

If you are a member of the camera toss community on be sure to READ THIS THREAD in our forums.

More news on this topic soon...

Friday, January 06, 2006

clickykbd's picks - issue 14

Another picks from the photo pool edition before I get too far behind. These are some of the more striking results, or valiant firsts efforts of the Camera Toss community on flickr since the last edition.

But first, a quotation...

"This blog is the best new thing I've come across in the years I have been taking pictures. ... Keep up the amazing work!" -- a blog visitor


Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
flickrwegian, bgmvp42103, lehmio
_ferro_, lehmio, clarkk
mappamundi, offstage4, she rarr
videopirata, messiejessie, flickrwegian
subberculture, Michael Cina, clarkk
mappamundi, clarkk, mafleen
mappamundi, mappamundi, lehmio
messiejessie, mappamundi