Friday, October 17, 2008

Collaboration #1 Results

Now that Collaboration #2 is upon us, finally taking the time to post some of the results people created using the source from Collaboration #1.

Here is a sampling of the result, the theme however is still open for participation and you can view all results on flickr. Some interesting variety, as expected, was produced depending on the properties of the monitor/display that people used to project the source image...

Kinetic 1052 - James Dean (by mtnrockdhh) DSC01205 (by QuakkauQ)

Kinetic 1063 (by mtnrockdhh) shared source project, theme #1 (by clickykbd)

DSC01291 (by QuakkauQ) Shared Source Toss 3 (by inF!)

theme one revisited (by jahdakine - mudding) tossed (by spinphase)

camera_toss_group_experiment01 (by lehmio) And Now For The Egg Toss.., 2008 (by mick l)

Attributions: Top: David Hull, Jens Ludwig. 2nd Row: David Hull, Ryan Gallagher. 3rd Row: Jens Ludwig, Nathan Barrow. 4th Row: John, Crista. Bottom: Stephan Lehmann, Mick Logan

These photos was created as part of a multi-photographer Camera Toss Group collaboration.

The pattern primitive image used with permission and under the terms of the Creative Commons; Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike 2.0 license.

See Shared Source Collaboration #1 and results.
See also all results of such themes.

If you are eager to get participating, Collaboration #2 theme has already been posted. Please pay special attention to the tag, licensing, and attribution requirements of the project. Here is a taste...

Shared Source Toss I (by inF!)
originally uploaded by John (InF!)


Anonymous said...

The first collaboration was pretty successful! It's interesting to see the variations caused by differences between cameras, photographers, and monitors. I just did a few from the second source, and I'm already excited for the next!

Been a while since the last post on this blog hmm?

Anonymous said...

beautiful...i'm speechless.

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hitechvnn said...

Been a while since the last post on this blog hmm?

alexfactoryillustration said...

do you have any recommend tutorial website about these spectrums for newbee?

Firstraveldirect said...

Very nice!

Can someone please tell in witch program can do something like this?

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool, amazing, stunning.. yes

Steven Ramage said...

Fantastic! I used to follow a camera toss group on flickr and just stumbled across this blog.... i never used to see images like this in the group, if i did i might have even risked giving it a try for myself!

Cam Aficionado said...

This collaboration has became very effective and the shots were very futuristic. Nice post!

Camera Mart said...

Gorgeous! What did you use to create the effects. Were these shot by camera then edited?

Protube said...

vezy nice, it s very cool