Friday, December 14, 2007

JavaMuseum NetArt Holiday Edition

Passing along another press release from JavaMuseum and NewMediaFest2007, where this blog is still featured in an ongoing fashion as part of the "a+b=ba - Art+Blog=BlogArt" online exhibition. If you enjoy netart be sure to check out the links.

JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art is happy to launch its Christmas edition of net:NET - netart features. Like edition I , also the 2nd edition of net.NET is presenting 7 artists and their works -->

"D.F. MAZE", 2006 by Ernesto Rios (Mexico)
"District of Leitavia", 2004 by Ian M Clothier (New Zealand)
FUSE, 2004 by SoiiZen Art Labs (Taiwan)
"Antroptic", 2007 by Ethan Ham/Benjamin Rosenbaum (USA/CH)
"Sonic Map of Battersea Park", 2007 by Gaya Gajewska (UK)
"X_Reloaded", 2005 by santo_file (Spain/Italy)
"Neue Kathedrale des erotische Elends", 2004- by Dirk Vekemans (Belgium)

The feature can be accessed on JavaMuseum directly via
or any other feature of the 2007 series on

Edition I of net.NET, launched on 1 November 2007 is featuring works by
Adele Prince (UK), J.T.Wine (USA), Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)
Les Liens Invisibles (Italy), MEZ (Australia), Konstantia Sofokleous (Cyprus)
Katty Vandenberghe/Chris Diedericks (South Africa)

All net.NET - netart features are also launched in the framework of
NewMediaFest2007 - and can be accessed via the festival interface on and