Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming this Friday...

... to a flickr community near you. Something new, a project, a theme, a chance to collaborate, a chance to create something that is "bigger" than just one photographer!

Coming Soon to a Camera Toss Group Near You (by QuakkauQ)
Teaser by QuakkauQ

Coming Soon to a Camera Toss Group Near You (by mtnrockdhh)
Teaser by mtnrockdhh

Untitled (by tossthecam)
Teaser by tossthecam

Shared Source Collaborations (by clickykbd)
Teaser by clickykbd

Coming soon to a Cameratoss group near you.. (by eastofnorth)
Teaser by eastofnorth

Teaser_SharedSource_theme01 (by lehmio)
Teaser by lehmio

Coming Soon... (by Right Brain)
Teaser by Right Brain

Cameratoss (by Beer30)
Teaser by Beer30

Stay tuned to the forum thread to get the details on how to participate.

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Anonymous said...

This pictures are great. Just don't have any people tripping on acid to your site.