Friday, December 30, 2005

clickykbd's picks - issue 13

Some more selections from the camera toss photo pool posted since the last issue.

Quotations and Comments...

"I once took pictures of hundreds of flies gathering around a light in twilight with long exposure time and they kind of look like your pictures... so thanks for this new stimulus!" -- online visitor


Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
stilelement, mappamundi, AdiJapan
phrenophile, _ferro_, ncongrunt
davidtrent, Elliot Swan, lehmio
Diznoof, curuthalion22, iDanSimpson
mappamundi, Gernot Poetsch, Gernot Poetsch
lehmio, mappamundi, Corgi_T

Monday, December 26, 2005

tribute to holiday lights... way of camera tossing. The community has had plenty of wonderful light sources to play with thanks to the holiday season. Here are just some of their photographs. Plenty more opportunity before all the decorations come down!

Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
clickykbd, clickykbd, TaGurit(SS/NB) ><>
Xurble, flickrwegian, _Nod
Corgi_T, michgm, phrenophile
mollye mo, ctweller, adrianadesigner
mappamundi, madesigns, grizzly_lightning
milkfish, ctweller, JakeInVan
phrenophile, quinet, variable resistance
clickykbd, clickykbd, scienceduck
ohchicken, mappamundi, sadogre
Corgi_T, Corgi_T, clickykbd

And one that got the amazing circles treatment by Corgi_T:

Whatever form your holidays take, I and the community wish you the best of them!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Coverage: Journal Gazette/Times Courier

Blog vs. News
Blog wins this round!

Is mainstream media really this desperate for content that they would rush a story to press without using/reading the interview they requested? Apparently so. I was recently contacted by Nathaniel West, a staff writer for a newspaper group in Illinois, Mattoon Journal Gazette, the Charleston Times-Courier and Decatur Herald & Review. He requested an interview, which turned out to be an email questionaire. I replied giving him a very detailed perspective into Camera Toss and how it all got started, why people are doing it, etc etc. A wonderful foundation upon which to write an article, a better perspective than even the Washington Post got, which interviewed me by phone last month.

Then he published before receiving it, or even reading it (apparently). Less than 30 hours had elapsed. I realize we live in a short attention span theatre these days, but I'd hoped that at least reporters would read interviews, ones they themselves requested.

Needless to say i'm fairly disappointed, and also mildly offended. Primarily because it was a serious waste of my time. So in order to un-waste my time I'm publishing the interview here, for all his readers who make their way to the blog he is reporting on!

A Detailed Camera Toss Interview!
aka A brief history of Camera Toss

I'm not slamming all news, it just seems some are much more professional than others. Both the Post, and Der Spiegel did a wonderful job. This just drives home that it's about time to put together a press kit.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

clickykbd's picks - issue 12

Time for another round of photo pool contributions, taken or uploaded since the last issue. I am also going to start sharing quotes about camera tossing and related endeavors in these postings!

"...images are reminiscent of harmonograph drawings: patterns in sound drawn using pendulums..." -- rsaum (in a blog comment)

Photo Pool Selections

Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
chiefblancheflower, quinet, eworm
killbyte, sadogre, _ferro_
hrhqueenzoe, lehmio, chiefblancheflower
mappamundi, davidtrent, grizzly_lightning
_ferro_, mappamundi, moostive
lehmio, flickrwegian