Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Self Referential

DSC08276, originally uploaded by QuakkauQ.

Hi internets. Just writing to introduce you to the newest "moderator" for the Camera Toss Group on flickr.

Jens Ludwig aka QuakkauQ, hailing from Germany, has been a long time member and you've seen his excellent images all over this blog. Now he's joined David Hull aka mtnrockdhh to help keep the photo pool on topic and help ease new members into the idea of Camera Tossing.

The photo in this post was created by Jens and shared with the group yesterday. Very fitting for an introduction post I thought.

Jens also maintains his own site/domain about camera tossing, www.cameratossing.de, where he posts some of his photos and experiments, news, yet ANOTHER Camera Tossing, HOWTO, and hosts an invited 'friend's gallery' for other camera tossers he knows well.

Jens is also the instigator of a collaborative project we are introducing to the community. I'll post more on that topic very soon. ;-)


Anonymous said...

wow. this is a Great design. good job

Competitions said...

you're welcome !:)