Friday, July 27, 2007

clickykbd's picks - issue 27 (and more)

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Round & Round it goes (by Mark Atkins) flying high (by _ferro_) Spinny Flowers (by Mark Atkins) Blue One (by Snivelling Little Rat-Faced Git) Something completely different (by Beer30)
Eat at Joes (by Beer30) Kinetic 544_Brane Theory 22 (by mtnrockdhh) Kinetic 552_Playing the Harp (by mtnrockdhh) Sea Breeze 12 (by jon62690) DSCN0578 (by QuakkauQ)
Untitled (by j neuberger) liquidcars_mosaic_02 (by tossthecam) urban cameratoss (by tossthecam) DSC00158 (by QuakkauQ) BluePurpleGreenWhite (by davespilbrow)
Camera Toss2 (by zzpza) No crop required (by davespilbrow) Dolphin (by Beer30) Up in the Air (Week 20) (by cybertoad) cameratoss - yours truly (by ungard)
DSC09243 (by tossthecam) wimbledon toss (by j neuberger) tornado head (by _ferro_) Painted Toss (by Right Brain) CameraToss Hotel (by lmn0b)
Second Toss (by lucispictor) exit (by tossthecam) Kinetic 553_PowerLines2 (by mtnrockdhh) Advanced Engineering2 (by mtnrockdhh) Kinetic 530_Skywriting (by mtnrockdhh)

The community on flickr has seen a lot of activity and a lot of new members the past few weeks. Quite a few of which are included in this posting of a selection from the photo pool.

There has also been a fair bit of renewed interest in exploring designable/programmable illumination sources as subjects for camera tossing with examples coming from members such as mtnrockdhh, j neuberger, and jon62690, each using different tools. I think I was partly to blame for the recent interest due to finally trying the technique myself. My results included below. But my credit for inspiration clearly falls on some early experimentalists in the community such as shane english, EastOfNorth, mappamundi, and El Ray (to name only a few). My own short-lived foray into this technique resulted in these two photographs:

LCD result 2 (by clickykbd) LCD result 1 (by clickykbd)

The set-up for these looked like this:

setup (by clickykbd)

Geometric animations were build using proce55ing. I say short-lived because my little Kodak fell off a chair shortly after and died a very anticlimactic death. *sniff* Quite unfortunate because I don't think I even broached the boundary of "testing/trial" with the technique. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet with a new digital P&S for this soon. Several other regular members experienced equipment loss about the same time too and the Camera Death Stories thread has seen more activity than I like.

Also note, the previously mentioned call for submissions for the group icon is still ongoing, there has been quite a bit of great responses so far in the forums. Here's a few that have been shared:

spintossicon (by j neuberger) Camera Toss New (by jon62690) cameratoss icon (by tossthecam) Cameratosslogo (by El Ray)
cameratoss icon 2 (by _ferro_) spintossrb3.jpg (by j neuberger) tosserist_big (by lehmio) cameratoss2b (by Puddle Monster)

One of these days soon I'll revise the Camera Toss Mini-HOWTO to include developments in the last couple years. But for now, it's a great resource for those of you confused as to how all this works. The simplicity is part of the charm, give it a shot!


Anonymous said...

It's great to see the group up to almost 3500 members from 3000 four months ago.

Unknown said...

I found this site through another site and I am impressed with this technique! Congrats on the Adobe recognition too. I thought they were fractal art when I first saw them. I hope to create from of my own photos soon!

Anonymous said...

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Nice stuff you got, fabulous pics.
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Many thanks

Anonymous said...

hey man thats amazing stuff. i am a web design and i really would like to know this technique of making such images
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Unknown said...

For those curious about the technique please refer to the Mini-HOWTO linked from the sidebar at the top. It is the best description up right now.