Thursday, July 05, 2007

Call for Submissions: Icon Design!

Hey readers and aspiring graphic designers!

Starting some changes to the community that will hopefully help it remain vital and active. One of which is finally retiring the original group icon, those little b&w dudes throwing the other dude in the air. As much as I like it, it doesn't read too well as a tiny icon.

Camera Toss Icon

It's actually hilarious that I've never changed it, considering the amazing graphical fodder that community produces every single day with camera tossing. But it's time.


Call for submissions for the new flickr community icon!


It cannot actually be a camera toss, nor a photograph. It should be a piece graphic artwork that symbolizes the ideas/patterns/spirit behind camera tossing. Reasons for this limitation is I don't want it to become a "best of" camera tossing photography contest. This place isn't about individual achievement via contests, it's about community and shared inspiration.

You can design it at whatever size is easiest, but keep in mind flickr will always present the final form as a 48x48 pixel square (even smaller in some contexts).

Submissions: If you are a flickr member, pop over to the thread in the community and share it inline. If you are not a flickr member, I'll accept designs via the email address listed for press inquiries on the blog sidebar. Sorry for not just typing it, hate spam.

Selection process. Very informal, no voting, but I hope the community will be able to come to a consensus. If there is more than one clear winner then I'll find a way to utilize both in the various camera tossing literature.

Deadline: non-deterministic. I.E. we'll keep accepting entries until someone submits something we absolutely love. Although I would hope to conclude it within the month, August 1st soft deadline.

Prizes, satisfaction!...and attribution/links in the group description and on this blog. Check out my page-rank if you don't think that's a cool prize! Additionally, I'm considering trying to find some other ways to thank the creator of the final icon. Perhaps a pro flickr account if they want one, a print or two? We'll come up with something fun.

Eligibility, anyone!

Happy Designing!