Friday, July 20, 2007

iPhone + Rolling Shutter Distortion

iPhone distort, originally uploaded by mathowie.

In case anyone was wondering, it does appear that the iPhone suffers from the same flaws (or advantages depending on your perspective) as the rest of the camera-phones that exhibit rolling shutter distortions via their shutterless CMOS technology.

This example is actually really neat in that the camera was not moving at all. Instead the rapid rotation of the propeller was captured in different orientations as the "scan" of the sensor proceeded over time. Thanks mathowie for the great example of the effect.

Disclaimer: By posting this here I am not recommending ANYONE throw their iPhone. Considering the cost of the device, that is just absurd! Plus they look really slick and hard to catch. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Nicely shown effect. I always hold the view that great phones can't have great cameras.

All in ones really don't work weather it is printer or the camera


Anonymous said...

this looks like a similar effect to this optical illusion (press the buttons as per the instructions to see what i mean)