Monday, June 30, 2008

clickykbd's picks - issue 29

And now for a long... long... LONG overdue selection of photos from the Camera Toss Photo Pool over at flickr. I realize this blog has been sorely out of date, and sorely off topic, for months now... and for that I apologize. That doesn't deter the great camera tossing experimenters and the submissions to the pool just keep coming. Congratulations especially to those new members shown here.

Green Slide 2008 (by mick l) Circulus (by Tomas i Trekanten) swurl 031 (by suberite) Pax Otium 3 (by Jonathan Vo) Camera Toss 1 (by krazyvshank)
DSC00436 (by QuakkauQ) i'm waiting for the man (by d y l a n) Untitled (by suzy the exploder) again (by williwieberg) Hutong Toss (by lordscience)
Untitled (by menamachines) Fruit Loop (Red Rasberry)  2007 (by mick l) Untitled (by tossthecam) DSC09818 (by QuakkauQ) Untitled (by lincoln koga)
The Simplicity of Colored Lines (by jefg99) Untitled (by tossthecam) LIFTED (by mpaulda) ZOOM (by mpaulda) Metro Toss (by Right Brain)
Empire State Toss (by Right Brain) r012 (by Beer30) Untitled (by Mark Loper) Monaco (by LeTiger) CameraTossTest2 (by nbicanic)
diagonals (by thelastwordisrejoice) Experimental CT10 (by jefg99) شخبوطة ضوئية (by Hassan ali  m,)

Authors: Hover to view author screen name, or click to visit their photo on flickr.

Copyright: All photographs are copyright the respective authors. To view individual copyright notices click the photo and proceed to the photo's page at flickr.


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chikawaztla said...

hello i´m Mexican i have a question
ammmm. how dou you make the group of many pictures ?????
espero haberlo escrito bien
bueno espero me entiendas
la duda es cómo pusiste el mosaico de tantas fotos pequeñas.

Unknown said...

Hi chikawaztla. You may want to read up on your HTML, that is how I compose posts.

Best of luck.