Monday, November 19, 2007

NewMediaFest 2007

A little late sharing these press releases as I am traveling, but recently this blog was curated and featured by JavaMuseum as part of a virtual exhibition component called "A+B=BA, Art+Blog=BlogArt?" of NewMediaFest 2007. I also participated in JavaMuseum's Interview Project.

The online exhibition will be part of physical festivals too... some of which occurred already but some are still upcoming:

3rd International Digital Art Festival
15-17 November 2007
more info

Know Future Festival 2007
20-21-22 December 2007
more info

A 3rd physical exhibition of NewMediaFest will take place in Valencia/Spain during April/May 2008. More details at a later stage.

An additional cooperation takes place with FONDLAB
Online exhibition 3-31 November 2007
Physical exhibition in 2008 in the Water’s Museum in Coimbra, Portugal.
more info


The main components and links for NewMediaFest 2007 are as follows:

1. Seven Way to Say Internet Through Netart
feature curated by Elena Giulia Rossi (Rome/Italy)
component details

2. a+b=ba? [art + blog = blogart]
feature curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne including 26 blogs
commponent details

3. solo feature: Jody Zellen
JavaMuseum is honouring 10 years netart working by this US artist
component details

4. launch of the 1st edition of the netart series, entitled: net.NET
component details

5. Official launch of JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project
enter project

Special thanks to curator Wilfried Agricola de Cologne,
director of JavaMuseum, and curator of a+b=ba, which launched Nov. 1st 2007.


Unknown said...

Finally portugal exists! Coimbra is two hours driving from Lisbon. I MUST go there!

Unknown said...

Awesome Ferro! I elect you the official community representative to go check out and report on how the exhibition/festival was! hehe.

Anonymous said...

The pics are too good infact awesome

Unknown said...

Yes that last comment was indeed spam, but I let it through... why? Because it's "math/science" spam! How often do you get that!