Sunday, May 06, 2007

Camera Toss on Die Zeit

Last week (4-26-2007) Die Zeit published a 13 page online gallery and article on the subject of Camera Tossing. They spoke to many and included a diverse range of photos from the community.

Interesting side story to this publication... Die Zeit is a respectable German news outlet, comparable to America's "New York Times". They had actually been interested in the subject of Camera Tossing a while back when I had the exhibition in Hamburg last year. A reporter came to the opening I had a chance to speak with her in person. She loved the subject... but I later learned that no story was going to be published because "Die Zeit" had backed away from the topic... deciding that it was "too trendy" for their audience. I admit it was being parleyed into a very trendy subject... but most of that was the fault of the German media itself, especially programs such as Polylux. heh.

A year later, they are back, and have published this piece. Perhaps avoiding "trends" simply means consciously choosing not to discuss topics while everyone else is doing so too. I sometimes avoid going to certain movies for the same reason... no matter how much I end up enjoying it when I finally do see them.

Anyone who knows me in person, knows i'm one of the LEAST trendy individuals you'll likely ever meet, so I found the irony quite amusing.

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