Monday, January 16, 2006

Coverage: Deutsche Welle World

A television debut, throwing cameras as an intentional way to take photographs, and growing trend, according to Deutsche Welle's European culture variety program "Euromaxx". It was aired in three languages and something on the order of 96 countries. The German version can be viewed online:,2144,1735863,00.html
(click" video on demand" and scroll to about 7:20 in stream)

The camera crew and journalist tailed our relatively new member lehmio around Hamburg, Germany as he sought out interesting subjects and talked about the concept. It was obviously written as a pop culture human interest story, and in that sense it was a great piece, but admittedly both lehmio and myself were disappointed that they opted to edit out the details about where, how, who, and when of it's origins, and perhaps where it might be headed? Thus, journalistically speaking, it did leave a bit to be desired, but they say "there is no such thing as bad press". I'm afraid I've yet to fully accept this premise, though I'm working on it.

Another member grabbed this screenshot as the flickr photo pool appeared on international television...

-- from flickrwegian

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