Friday, February 22, 2008

Off I Go...

note: post delayed, in Vienna as I publish, was written before leaving.

My contribution to the Nokia Urbanista Diaries begins today! At 11:35pm CST on Feb. 21st I board a plane for Washington, and then on to Vienna, Austria, where I will be meeting up with Ms. Jen, the previous participant as she concludes her 2 weeks in India.

After that short stop in my beloved city with lovely cafes, it gets a little more hectic and fast paced! See my previously posted itinerary or just look at this map for where i'll be stopping off during my two weeks...

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You can follow me and view photos I produce over at (if your machine doesn't choke on their intensive FLASH) but I've particularly enjoyed watching Ms. Jen's photos scroll past in my news reader (Google Reader) after subscribing to her flickr stream.

Yup, of course you can do the same with me, but I thought I'd go a little further in the effort to make following along easy, and experiment with other "tracking" web-services. I've assembled a page that pulls in location plus data from all kinds of places (my feed) that I'll be posting media and text during this journey, and even means to reach me on the go. If you are a mobile geek or GIS/GPS geek be sure to check it out, as this is my first effort at such things. But, I mostly threw it together (indeed, one sitting and quite crude) for my closest friends to keep tabs on me and invariably harass me.

Following Clicky, The Definitive Guide

I'll be posting here when I get the chance... but that might be infrequent, so definitely use that cheat-sheet if you want constant updates. Are you stalking me? Do I know you? (Half Joke, Half Scary)

The Goa Airport Tarmac (by Ms. Jen)
The Goa Airport Tarmac
originally uploaded by Ms. Jen


Anonymous said...

hello Ryan, i have noticed that you have excellent picture taking skills.
the few pics that you have taken so far in your urbanista diary are amazing.
however, you should look at the pics that jen and jose took. they made me feel more like i was there with them walking the streets of india or southeast asia.
when i look at yours i feel like i am looking thru a postcard book, or a portfolio. shoot the people, the streets, the everyday stuff.
good luck and god bless on your journey.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the input. As much as I'd love to oblige... "lifeblogging" is not really my thing. There is also a legal snafu with this project in that photos are published in what constitutes an advertising context, and thus I am trying to respect individuals rights to controlling how their image (face) is used by not including identifying photos of people (except crowds in public places etc). Others may have ignored this issue or pretended verbal permission as a "yes" response to "may I blog this photo of you?" was adequate. I tend to disagree, rather strongly actually.

rose said...

so nice pic.