Saturday, February 02, 2008

Urbanista Update

An update on the travels of Urbanista Diaries particpant Jay:

He seems to be having a grand old time in Thailand... gonna be hard to compete with some his experiences in the uniqueness (and cuteness) categories. For example...

Jay rides an elephant!

And Jay plays with the baby tigers! Oh my god... cute.

UPDATE: Jay put video of the cubs up, and it's his longest video posted yet, can't blame him, hard to resist.

You can view his trip activities logged via GPS and photos/media over at Nseries or view this route and photo directly on SportsTracker.

My trip starts Feb. 23rd where I meet up with Ms. Jen and take over in Vienna, Austria.

PS, I had to move these snapshots to my Picassa web-albums because attempting to hot-link to the URL directly on SportsTracker is exceedingly painful (image delivery speeds are miserable).