Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is a dollar worth?

These days, the US Dollar isn't really worth that much. I am not even sure you can get most newspapers for under a dollar. My last trip to the laundry mat certainly didn't qualify. And I'll DEFINITELY notice it during the pending currency conversions to the Euro and the Pound.

But the difference of a dollar is another story entirely.

WOMWorld was trying to send me my 'Urbanista Kit' which included spare Nokia N82s, batteries, rapid-charger, keyboard, SIMS, and other goodies for the upcoming trip. I got a call day before yesterday from FedEx Trade Network that it was stuck in US Customs due to missing paperwork. With two days before my departure date there was quite a scramble to fax documents and make corrections.

One of those items of paperwork I was responsible for. This was a piece of red tape, providing my Tax ID or Social Security number, and only required when the total value of the international shipment is 2000.00 USD or greater.

Guess what value WOMWorld had declared my package. 2000.00 dollars exactly. Next time, when dealing with governments and bureaucracy... don't round up, UNROUND DOWN, 1999.00 and we would have been smooth sailing!

However, I'm happy to report the package did make it this morning, with 24 hours to spare. ;-)

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James said...

Seat of the pants stuff!!

Really looking forward to your leg of this strange adventure...