Saturday, February 16, 2008

cool concepts: Aviary!

Web creative types listen up! Wouldn't it be cool if you could take all your favorite creative desktop applications and wrap one web community around them, track sources, attribute authors, create, and share!

Seems impossible... but that's just what the folks of are trying to do with their new effort, called Aviary []!

Currently they have a few tools, all written as web-served Adobe AIR/RIA applications, in private Beta. Primarily Pheonix, their brush-based image editing tool. But they also are dropping tantalizing teasers of their others tools on their tool blog, which uses range the gamut including font-creation, pattern generation, 3d-works, image fingerprinting, etc etc. A designer's dream suite, free... and on the web. These insane folks in New York have rolled in an impressive list of up and coming technology, not to mention embracing some ideals about content and rights management that are long overdue. More on that in the business blog.

This is hands down the most exciting and innovative web service startup I've seen since, well, since flickr. I've been playing with Pheonix for 4 days now, the tools still need some work but are by far the most powerful web-based version of such things I've seen. Worth1000 itself (A photo editing contest forum) is kinda fun, but I think Aviary is going to be paradigm shifting! Hold on tight.

The silly buzzword of "web3.0" might even be appropriate here. Bravo!

Not to mention, if there was an award for "best looking" (as in aesthetics)... Aviary takes the cake.