Thursday, January 17, 2008

Urbanista Itinerary (expanded)

A more complete itinerary of the travelers (and myself) participating in the Nokia Urbanista Diaries, a real-world, real-travel blogger "relay" trail of the Nokia N82. (Yeah, I know it's a bit of a mouthful).

All this continues to feel a little off topic for this blog, so here's a some camera-phone camera tossing! Actually my first with camera phones! (Never had a camera phone until a couple months ago and my SD card reader did not like handling microSD+adapter... finally got a reader that works. Although these were not taken with the N82, that device will certainly be subjected soon.

Samsung-a707 tossing (by clickykbd) Samsung-a707 tossing (by clickykbd) Samsung-a707 tossing (by clickykbd) Samsung-a707 tossing (by clickykbd) Samsung-a707 tossing (by clickykbd)

But back to Urbanista Diaries... It began Jan. 11th with Devin in New York City. He's currently about to be in Dallas, Texas... perhaps head over to to check out his progress tracked via GPS, photos, and comments.

Additionally, all the routes and photos will also be on Nokia's SportsTracker web service (though I need to dig up the other urbanistas' user info before sharing direct links). Trailing SportsTracker and some of the other GPS enabled features of this device is obviously an objective of WOMWorld, organizers of this endeavor. Personally however I'm looking forward to really putting the 5 mega-pixel camera through it's paces. I'll post some initial review/comments about it's capabilities soon.


New York, New York on Jan. 11th
Washington DC on Jan. 14th
Atlanta, Georgia on Jan. 16th
Dallas, Texas on Jan. 17th <-- HERE (as of writing)
Las Vegas, Nevada on Jan. 19th
Los Angeles, California on Jan. 21st

Jay/Jose (exact dates unknown)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ko Samui / Ko Pha Ngan / Gulf of Thailand islands
Bangkok, Thailand
Madras, India

Ms. Jen

Chennai, India on Feb. 9th
Bangalore, India on Feb. 11th
Kochi, Kerala, India on Feb. 13th
Goa, India on Feb. 15th
Mumbai, India on Feb. 18th
Vienna, Austria on Feb. 21st


Vienna, Austria on Feb. 23rd
Berlin, Germany on Feb. 25th
Milan, Italy on Feb. 27th
Paris, France on Feb. 29th
Bristol, UK on March 2nd
London, UK on March 4th
Helsinki, Finland on March 7th
Austin, Texas USA (Home) on March 8th

Here's a google calendar for my leg of the trip, (browse to Feb. & put it in "Agenda" mode for best viewing).

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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you're going to love the N82, it's probably just about as good as it gets for a camera phone! Really looking forward to seeing some of your Urbanista images.