Saturday, January 26, 2008

Urbanista Update: Jay is off!

Quick update to the Nokia Urbanista Diaries project that is underway (announced previously). The first "hand-off" between Devin and Jay went smoothly in the real world, perhaps a little bumpy in the virtual world!

urbanista_jay_transition (by clickykbd)

That's a screenshot of the Nseries interface in Jay's first city, Singapore (refer to previously posted itinerary. Jay is the white photos, Devin (the previous participant) is still visible as the yellow photos because they actually met up on Jay's first stop.

But what the hell is that giant white thing! I suspect it is a mis-rendered representation of the route line associated with Jay's flight... whacky. This thing is full of weirdness (see previous post for more on that).

But Jay is making up for it with some great video media being posted to his youtube account. Short video blogging seems to be Jay's favorite, here is one landing at the end of his first flight...

To keep up with Jay on his leg, here's some relevant links to places he is putting text and media:

Jay's Blog as RSS

Jay's YouTube as RSS

Jay's Urbanista PhotoBucket as RSS

Did I miss anything? Ohh... he is using Skype on his mobile devices, so if you want to chat head over to his blog where he has shared his skype details!

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