Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flickr Gamblers Anonymous

Day 76 (by [ steve ])
originally uploaded by [ steve ]

Okay well not really, but the analogy is certainly strong. There is a group on flickr called Flickr Group Roulette where every week they pick a differently themed flickr group and play-along. A couple weeks ago they landed on the infamous Camera Toss and perhaps experienced a little more "gambling" than they were comfortable with! But kudos to them, the participation was extremely high, and most first time tossers too!

Somewhere in their thread it was suggested they go for the self-portrait style tosses. With mixed success here is their efforts! Congratulations on taking the risk, I know they had fun.

157|365 Camera Tossing @ The Apple Store (by Just Say K.B.) Day 277: Camera Toss (by Sarah Mae) 66/365 - Camera Toss (by anthonyskelton) 365-278 (by atsocasiul) 88/365 Camera Toss (by Ryan J John)
Oh my!!!!   (60/365) (by MichelleCan!) 131/365: camera toss (by Lucy's 10 Lives) Day 151- I AM holding still! (by Run Strong) My foot-hand. You didn't know I had one, eh? =) (by ginny   / mom2.3lilrascals) Camera Toss Tecnique - FGR 1.2.08 (by This crazy life . Tammy)
Letting my camera go to see what it wanted to show me. (by Travelinjim) 250/365 (by elizabethh) It Makes Me Sick! 2.366 (by Infinite Monkeys (~Gone Fishing Be Back Soon~)) Two (by Gregory Brown) Tossed (by nikkistill)
Day 2/365-Toss It-Spin It (by Viva La Maquina) 365 Days-Day 5 (1/2/08): Tossed (by beadedbudgie) Day 76 (by [ steve ]) Camera Toss (FGR) (by MatthwJ) My Girl with "a Twist" (by Good_Gal)
Tossed (by Just Andrea With A Camera) Purple Haze (seriously? camera toss?) (by Babs1696) Toss This (by VanessaisSleeping) I'm freeee, freeeee falling. (by Bellini?) Day 67: Camera toss (by =Tom=)
365 Day 328: Camera Toss #2 (by jump4joy) 2.366 FGR-1-2-08 - Beseeching the Snow Gods (by Captured Light) camera toss :: 2 of 365 (by MNicoleM) 2.365 (by evilmightyacorn) It's comes and goes in a flash (by Ll'sWorld)
Let the d80 fly (by jkingone) 2 Jan 2008 - Day 8: Camera Toss (by Michael-A) 2.365 roulette: cell toss (by rose_peacock) 365/305 (i did it!) (by The Flooz) Topsy-Turvy Day 9 - 365 Days (by northshoreleo)
Topsy-Turvy Take 1 (by northshoreleo) Falling (by the spacecowboy) 110/365 swirly (by spring_peeper) I Tossed It! (by urtle124) Take Off (by Kitzzy)
Camera Toss (by Kitzzy) Tossing the old HP (by Captured Light)

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