Friday, January 18, 2008

Hyper-Connectivity Abuse

I'm undertaking the previously mentioned Urbanista Dairies as an experiment in extreme hyper connectivity, something I usually balk at... but one cannot really judge until one has experienced it, and until now I have only observed, not owning a fancy phone, and not having a data-plan to go with it. But, at least for two weeks, I'm gonna go all out (or try to).

So one initial step, I've set up a Jaiku account and added the badge to the sidebar. If you follow me on Jaiku it'll notify you of my flickr photos, blog postings, and twitter-like text postings made during my journey. I've had a twitter for a while, but don't know which one I'll gravitate to in practice. It too is now crammed into the rapidly over-crowding sidebar.

This is all temporary, I promise. ;-)

Edit: I forgot one more. I have a trip created on Yahoo! Trip-Planner... which if you have a yahoo/flickr login, you can leave suggestions etc etc.

Links again:
clickykbd on Twitter
clickykbd on Jaiku
clickykbd on Flickr
trip on Yahoo Trip Planner

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