Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hey, I got one!

Kinetic 331_Brane Waves1, originally uploaded by mtnrockdhh.

A recent photograph by mtnrockdhh posted to the photo pool and shared in the live gallery on exhibition at command-z. FYI, we are entering the last 3 days of both the command-z exhibition in LA, and the digiarte exhibition in Florence, Italy.

I pretty much gave up on the idea of the readers donating old equipment to the camera toss community after this old posting went without response for a long time.

But last month 2 people actually offered to send a camera, no idea how they found the posting. One of which arrived the other day! It's a modern P&S film camera, the lens-cover (containing on/off mechanism) had come off and it no longer worked. But the former owner sent the parts along to fix it. Wee projects!

I don't know how effective it would be for tossing, but I have lots of other tinker projects to possibly use it for also. To the reader who sent it, thank you!

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Philip. said...

I have just discovered your blog and must say how much I like it.

I'll make sure I pop in in the future.

I'd love it if you ever get the chance to say hello on my blog.

Take care,