Friday, May 11, 2007

DIGIARTE 2007, Florence Italy, May 11th thru 26th

Today, May 11th, "Camera Toss" makes it's third appearance in a public exhibition setting. DIGIARTE 2007, the 4th installment of this annual group exhibition opens at the Plasma Club in Florence, Italy (see the profile on I was invited by the curator/director Lorenzo "LOGU" Guasti to contribute a few prints to the Digiarte permanent collection. There are several photographers and many digital/video/animation artists in this show, additionally many guest speaker/topic engagements and activities are scheduled during the show through May 26th (see for schedule and details).

Exhibition Details:

DIGIARTE IV (2007 Edition) - State of the Art
Press Release (Italian, PDF)

May 11th - May 26th 2007
Plasma Club, Florence, Italy
Piazza Francesco Ferrucci 1r (50126)
+39 0550516926 (info), +39 0550516927 (fax)

Curated by: Lorenzo "LOGU" Guasti
Press Contact: press[at]

Full list of contributing artists to DIGIARTE 2007: Caterina Pecchioli, Influx, Ciboideale, Marco Cardini, Federico Bucalossi, Claudio Bozzatello, Paolo Carta, and photography by LostItaly, Maggie KS, Sébastien Pérez-Duarte, and Ryan Gallagher - Camera Toss.

Of the photography included, three are also flickr users: Sébastien Pérez-Duarte, Maggie KS, and myself (Ryan Gallagher).

Sébastien is known for his mathematically inspired digital transformations and panoramic projections...

Curved church, hyperbolic (by Seb Przd)
Curved church, hyperbolic by Sébastien Pérez-Duarte

Maggie for many things, but particularly her compelling self portraiture...

mix tape (by MeganKS)
mix tape by Maggie KS

And myself, of course, for exploring the edges of kinetic motion photography with "Camera Tossing"...

ss #51 (by clickykbd)
Sheets and Strikes No. 51 by Ryan Gallagher

The other exhibiting artists have some really interesting work too, so be sure to dig those links rather deeply that I posted. Much of it is viewable online.

A twist I wasn't expecting when I signed on to this show... in line with the theme of digital art, this will be the first exhibition of any of my photographs in an entirely digital world! Digiarte launched an extension of the exhibition in the popular "meta-verse", Second Life. Here's some previews of the virtual exhibitions:

So if you are in Florenza, be sure to check it out! I sure wish I was there! If by some miracle I can coax Second Life into running on this slowish laptop, perhaps I'll stop by the virtual world version of the opening. ;-)


logu said...

hope we meet in SL this night (italy time)


Artorios said...

Beautiful pictures at the exhibition!

Artorios said...

Great pictures at the virtual exhibition!

sangparanoid said...

nice interest

allergy usgab said...

Its a nice site and one thats on the list to be covered :) expect a post soon... Beautiful pictures at the exhibition!

clickykbd said...

Thanks everyone, seems like quite a few saw the virtual exhibition. Wish I had made it myself but running SL on my machines is iffy at best. Maybe i'll meet a few folks at Festival Della Creativita in Oct.