Thursday, March 22, 2007

clickykbd's picks - issue 25

Noticed an upswing in both activity and quality of the photos being submitted to the photo pool lately. What better time than to post another best-of recent contributions (since issue 24).

Very soon there will be another venue for community members and the public to showcase their favorite camera tosses, more news on that shortly...

Toss050 (by Beer30) toss1 (by nck) chocolate. (by yummyseamonkies) Calm Waves (by jon62690) Ooky Kooky Camera Toss (by Valentinian)
130001 (by markr82) Flaming Prism (by jon62690) Camera Toss 2 (by ACPhoto2007) gold-bond-toss (by this_is_not_a_name) Spinning_Phone_07 (by Not_Just_Pixels)
Camera Spin (by icantshoot) Spin (by Embra) Another Toss of the Camera (by Baxter302) What a drift (by tossthecam) Flying Camera (by The Real Ferg)
lollipop (by IgniNyani) toss (by Miaitza) flying the aspidistra (by mappamundi) Vertabre (by IgniNyani)

Photo Credits:

All photos taken by users of the Camera Toss flickr community. Hover to see author attribution, click to follow to the image's original location on flickr.

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