Saturday, March 10, 2007

Adobe® Acrobat®'s new look... Camera Toss

This announcement is long long overdue... the events transpired during a period when I was relatively inactive when it comes to updating this blog. But it was big news, and still is.

Many have perhaps wondered "Why throw cameras?"... well. One reason could be to influence the major players in the design and graphic arts world. Haha... well no one exactly set out to do that... most of us do it because it's fun... but that hasn't changed the result.

Adobe® Acrobat® 8.0 Professional Package Design

Back in mid 2006 the huge design firm, MetaDesign® contacted myself and a few other members of the Camera Toss community about the possibility of purchasing some images for a client's project involving brand/logo/package/interface designs. I knew enough to know they worked with some pretty huge clients, but the exact client was not disclosed during the course of the negotiations. Several months passed as they worked up presentations and mock-ups. The project almost fell through over a rather humorous (I think) technicality. When doing corporate logo design firms usually provide a spec-sheet that describes exactly how the logo should and shouldn't be presented in order to maintain brand integrity. It seems coming up with WORDS to describe the exact nature of a camera toss image is a rather perplexing task. But in the end the power of the photographs won out... and ADOBE SYSTEMS® (*jaw drop*) was satisfied! The product was released in Nov. of 2006, that is when I became aware of the client.

Camera Toss images were used as the base for the product design of the entire Acrobat® 8 Family! This included package design, user interface elements, splash screen, promotional medias, walk-throughs etc etc.

Adobe Acrobat 3D Version 8 Package Design Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Edition Package Design Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard Edition Package Design Adobe Acrobat 8 Elements Package Design

In the end the images selected and purchased were a few taken by community member QuakkauQ (Jens Ludwig), and a couple others who I was not privy to. Congratulations Jens! And the fact they were considering several other sets from photographers in the community (myself included) indicates it really was the look of this technique that they were attracted to. So congratulations are in order for Camera Toss and ALL it's members... because without the numbers I'm sure it never would registered on the radar of a design firm such as MetaDesign®.

I've often been put on the spot by the press trying to define exactly what this is... art, photography, graphic-art, extreme-sports, horse-play. I really despise that. It is what it is... and I think those doing it put it in any and all of those categories depending. It has definitely made it's mark as commercial graphic art now, that is for sure. It is quite flattering actually, and having pioneered the public's awareness of this technique... I can't help but feel a little proud too. I mean think about it... the company that produces Photoshop thinks our photos... taken by some of the cheapest cameras out there... mostly produced in camera without Photoshop/editing... are cool enough to grace the design for one of their award winning products.

Stay tuned... more big news soon...

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Anonymous said...

Hey its been awhile since ive been here or have checked my contacts on flickr. Congrats on them using the images!