Tuesday, February 20, 2007

clickykbd's picks - issue 24

As promised... a long awaited best of the photo pool selection! There has been a ton of activity since I last did a picks selection, so don't be offended if your's didn't make this small sampling. Included are many great examples, but also many wonderful first efforts... Enjoy!

Photo Selections

heartless (by mappamundi) DSC05757 (by QuakkauQ) open the door (by davidaola) TV Toss 6 (by Methexi$) Fire (by derevaun)
Recently at Starbucks... (by Dirk Paessler) Asda Toss (by Paulus Maximus!) shell toss 2 (by this_is_not_a_name) blue toss (by this_is_not_a_name) thats another story (by marce_garal)
laser refraction (by El Ray) Ebullient (by one43) hello, hi, c'mhere guy (by _ferro_) Credence (by one43) nirvana (by _ferro_)
in flight (by wonder wombat) spin cam: hot caramel (by nadi0) give us a dollar (by _ferro_) DSC00566 (by tossthecam) darkness falls (by wonder wombat)
LED Swoosh (by m.fedoseev) I like lamp (by David Broering) CameraToss3 (by David Broering) Cosmic! (by Night-thing) roundround (by Miaitza)
Sunset (by Miaitza) blue toss (by Miaitza) Camera Tossing, Second Attempt (by timetravelfx)

Photo Credits:

All photos taken by users of the Camera Toss community. Hover to see author attribution, click to follow to the image's original location on flickr. Apologies for not giving attribution by name here, my bookmarklet broke since having migrated to del.icio.us.

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Ashok said...

Wow... its grewat to have such a beautifull and pleasant collection ohf lovely photos.