Sunday, December 10, 2006

clickykbd's picks - issue 23

The Camera Toss Community on flickr and this blog are over a year old now, but that hasn't slowed down the enthusiasm and continued experimentation by new members and old alike.

Here's the 23rd installment of the photo-pool highlights, a big selection, many first-time camera tosses included, as well as photographs from those more experienced by now. If you are visiting from Kodak's 1000 Words Blog, welcome! We hope you enjoy the unique style of photography incubated here.

Photo Credits (left to right, top to bottom):
raysto, Gipsy Boy, marce_garal, brucemiller, Katie face,
jon62690, :matey:, bubestube, Reflexe, Whales tails,
lazy mookie, See_What_Dave_Sees, thunderstride1, frank drewett, dondal,
Lemon Frosted, dondal, Diluted, metró, Is_this_Graham?,
Marc Crow, Kingcow, El Ray, gvda,
completelyknown, El Ray, Is_this_Graham?, davespilbrow, QuakkauQ,
andy206uk, this_is_not_a_name,


Anonymous said...

That's pretty neat :D

andy206uk said...

Thanks for the mention and congrats for keeping the momentum going!

Anonymous said...

Tnx for picking my pic! - gvda

Anonymous said...

What a great idea I'm gonna try it right now! Awesome pics here!

fee said...

thank for good pictt

fee said...

tanks friend