Thursday, December 14, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different

Installment 1

Originally uploaded by nicolai_g

I've been thinking of starting a recurring blog/thread topic on the evolution of camera tossing... ongoing of course. Camera Toss as we know it is over a year old now and it actually has had some noticable evolutions. We've seen lots of things turn up that register as "new" yet still within the theme of this group over the last year.

So for our first installment, here's one that showed up in the pool. Nicolai's and one other are the first examples I encountered of folks trying Pin-hole camera tossing. Pinholes tend to be long exposure by default... but capturing something during a thrown pinhole can be quite tricky.

In the case of the photo above... the SUN was the only light source bright enough to register during a "multiple toss multiple catch" experiment. Besides a pinhole (flickr group), it also happened to be cross-processed (flickr group) on expired (flickr group) 120 medium format (flickr group) film (a flickr group). (Yes, there is a flickr-group for nearly everything if you couldn't tell).

And an earlier example... a match box pin-hole camera, tossed on Worldwide Pinhole Day by alspix a while back...

Originally uploaded by alspix

Perhaps not spectacular to examine (depending on what you enjoy) but definitely noteworthy camera tossing experiments when you know the story. And we certainly love experiments around here.

Come to think of it, while i've got you all thinking about pinhole photography. Be sure to check out this amazing pinhole project, also relating to the sun's movement:

Solargraphy Project by Tarja Trygg
at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.


If you've tried something you feel is very "different" and is still a camera toss by definition... or all this camera tossing simply provided some element of inspiration... feel free to let me know via flickr-mail or email and share it. Perhaps I'll make it the subject of the next installment.

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