Tuesday, January 17, 2006

clickykbd's picks - issue 15

This might be my last photo pool picks posting until things calm down with preparing my gallery exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. Alot of press coverage recently has brought many new members and lots of photos. The group on flickr has now exceeded 1000 members, and flickr itself hosts over 5,500 photos tagged cameratoss (although people are starting to "spam" with that tag just to increase view-counts on their photos). An annoying aspect of flickr, almost wish people couldn't see this view count metadata, and took photos because it was fun, instead of a popularity contest. But this has expanded way beyond flickr at this point, was even on international television recently. Who knows how many cameras I've personally had a hand in destroying? A scary thought, but you can call me evil, because it also makes me smile.

A quotation that definitely makes me smile...

"These people have got to get a life, I'll grant that there's a fleeting charm to these images, though they're of no great merit. Sadly, I imagine a few of them will end up on gallery walls." --- Graham Wood, Photo Editor for The London Times

Note, this quote came from the reporter's proof copy he sent me, in the printed copy the bit about "of no great merit" was excluded for some reason, without even an insertion of an ellipse. Not sure what happened there. Either way I was excited to see the first printed criticism thus far.


Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
curuthalion22, curuthalion22, flickrwegian
eastofnorth's wayward ways, Donzrly Light, Lerouge
videopirata, davidtrent, mappamundi
lehmio, In-jeannius, videopirata
mabend, TheGiantVermin, _ferro_
Vincent Pants, videopirata, lehmio
Vincent Pants, fiveinchpixie, milkfish
mappamundi, mappamundi, videopirata
mewha, flickrwegian, mabend
clarkk, Aprevit


Colleen said...

haha i broke my camera "trying" to camera toss...

sad...didn't break the camera but the battery compartement kept opening nd the battery was popping out so i had to tape it...nd then lost my interest in the camera for a while...

Anonymous said...

thanks! 4 photos from my flickr, i'm very flattered. muchas gracias.

Kim Carney said...

I really just think it is all fantastic!

Nina said...

Isn't it funny that people say it is of no merit. That's what the world said about photography as an art when it began. I think it is fascinating work.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Sorry, my commentary doesn't get any more intelligent than that just now...