Friday, January 06, 2006

clickykbd's picks - issue 14

Another picks from the photo pool edition before I get too far behind. These are some of the more striking results, or valiant firsts efforts of the Camera Toss community on flickr since the last edition.

But first, a quotation...

"This blog is the best new thing I've come across in the years I have been taking pictures. ... Keep up the amazing work!" -- a blog visitor


Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom):
flickrwegian, bgmvp42103, lehmio
_ferro_, lehmio, clarkk
mappamundi, offstage4, she rarr
videopirata, messiejessie, flickrwegian
subberculture, Michael Cina, clarkk
mappamundi, clarkk, mafleen
mappamundi, mappamundi, lehmio
messiejessie, mappamundi


OneEar said...

I find this technique fascinating: A component of randomness is purposely interjected between the instrument and the art.

One of my musical groups, the Clown Squad, uses a similar technique. It is even more compelling when coordinating the sound(s) from 5 falling musicians. Alcohol helps.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

I especially like the multicolored one with the kaleidoscope effect.